Follow Drew and Chuck on their odyssey to Limestone, Maine for the Phish It Festival in 2003.


The three Phish festivals held at the former Loring Air Force Base in Limestone - The Great Went in 1997, Lemonwheel in 1998 and It in 2003 - were some of the biggest events ever held in Northern Maine.  Nearly 200,000 people attended in total. The festivals became legendary, not just with fans of the band, but in music history.

Many have seen the official films made from the three festivals.  It took place on August 2 and 3, 2003 in Limestone.  60,000 people attended and PBS made a documentary of the experience. Phish performed seven sets of music over two nights, including a late night ambient set on top of the air traffic control tower at 2:30 AM after the first night's concert. Fans camped on site in tents, creating a community of Phans that became one of the largest cities in Maine over the weekend.

There were also a number of Phans who filmed accounts. Drew Dallet and Chris Bonacci took their footage and made a 40-minute film, which is presented here.

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