International Firefighter’s Day [VIDEO]
Today, May 4th is Star Wars Day, (You know.. May the 4th Be With You) but more importantly it's International Firefighter's Day! Firefighters’ Day celebrates the dedication, heroism and importance of firefighters from all over the world
Earth Day 2021 [VIDEO]
Happy Earth Day! 2021 is the 51st Celebration of Earth Day. Sit back and enjoy the live stream of Earth from the International Space Station
Insane Maine Video Shows Crazy, Howling Wind in Jackman
Think it's windy where you are in Maine today? I'm sure it is. Is it as windy where you are as it is at Sally Mountain Cabins in Jackman today? Probably not.
There have been plenty of photos and videos to go around of the subzero windstorm that's happening today in Maine, but…

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