One of the strangest and absolutely wild stories from Maine in 2020 took place earlier this month in Presque Isle.

According to, on August 9, a woman was accused of pretending to be pregnant and then stealing someone's running vehicle from a parking lot before crashing it a little while later.

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The head-spinning details of this random moment in time are almost too ridiculous to believe.

Witnesses claim that a woman was bellowing loudly that she was going into labor in the morning hours of Sunday, August 9 ,in the parking lot of the Aroostook Regional Transportation building, according to the article.

One bystander called police to assist the woman but before they were able to arrive, the woman crossed the street and allegedly stole a vehicle from the Tractor Supply Co. parking lot, reported. That vehicle was reportedly left running, because it was a balmy day and the owner's golden retriever was inside.

It also reportedly made it easy pickings for the accused woman.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Police eventually found the stolen vehicle in the town of Limestone, where it had gone off the road and crashed, according to the article.

Thankfully, both the woman and the dog were uninjured in the accident.

Further investigation showed that the woman involved in the alleged incident had not gone into labor because she was never even pregnant, reported.

The news article stated that the golden retriever was returned to the owner promptly and police believe that drugs were a heavy influence in the bizarre incident.

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