Here is the latest weekly incident report from Troop F of the Maine State Police, headquartered in Houlton:

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

Jan. 20 – Trooper Saucier began investigating a report of a stolen snowmobile in Masardis. The owner recently purchased it from a local man and he suspects the man may have taken it back. The investigation is ongoing.

Jan. 20 – Tr. Bell investigated a vehicle crash in Littleton. Strong crosswinds contributed to the crash by pushing the vehicle onto a steep shoulder covered in loose snow. The female driver was not able to get the vehicle back onto the road and ended up striking a mailbox and a utility pole head-on. The female went to Houlton Regional Hospital with non-life threatening injuries due to her head hitting the windshield. The female was not wearing a seat belt.

Jan. 20 – Tr. Adam Stoutamyer was called out to investigate a report of a property damage accident on Rt. 163 in the town of Mapleton. When Tr. Stoutamyer arrived one of the operators a 28-year-old Presque Isle man, was complaining of head pain, and dizziness so Crown Ambulance was requested. The injured male operator’s vehicle had been facing east on Rt. 163 and was stopped in traffic waiting for oncoming traffic to clear before making a left hand turn onto the Garland Rd. The other vehicle being operated by a 26-year-old Mapleton man was traveling eastbound behind the other vehicle when the operator of the second vehicle said he was adjusting his radio, and did not see the first vehicle stopped in the roadway. The operator of the second vehicle stated that there was a tractor trailer approaching from the opposite direction and he attempted to stop but could not. He said he tried to "squeeze" in between the tractor trailer and the first vehicle, and struck the first vehicle causing major damage to both vehicles.

Jan. 21 – Tr. Endre stopped to assist a truck off the road in Littleton and after talking to the occupants Tr. Endre found out who was driving the motor vehicle. The operator admitted to drinking, after SFST’s the 31-year-old Houlton man was arrested for OUI.

Jan. 21 – Cpl. Quint, Tr. Luce, and Recruit Curtin presented a distracted driving class for the Fort Kent High School. The distracted driving simulator was used and information on distracted driving and operating under the influence was provided.

Jan. 22 – Tr. Casavant and Recruit Pescitelli were called out for a family fight in Mapleton. The male and female there were arguing after a game of scrabble turned ugly and they started throwing things at each other. No crime was committed and the couple was separated for the night.

Jan. 22 – Troopers Marquis and Casavant along with Recruit Pescitelli and Sgt. Haines arrested a 35-year-old St. Agatha man for violating his bail. The violation started on a check the previous evening when the man violated his curfew. Today the man’s girlfriend was covering for him and refused to let Troopers search the residence. The residence was secured for a search warrant and a short time later the female admitted he was inside and agreed to talk him in to giving himself up. In a last minute attempt to flee, as he’d done in the past, the man was met by Recruit Pescitelli outside waiting as the window opened. The man was arrested without incident.

Jan. 22 – Tr. Casavant and Recruit Pescitelli responded to a logging truck rollover crash on the Davis Road in Woodland. Investigation revealed the operator, Dustin Belanger, 21 of Mapleton, reached underneath the passenger seat to adjust his CB radio. While doing so he lost control of the vehicle and drifted off the roadway into the ditch causing the truck to rollover. The Davis road had to be shut down for the cleanup of the logs. Belanger was summonsed for failure to maintain control of motor vehicle. Photos and article.

Jan. 23 – Tr. Luce received a request for a well-being check on a 40 yr. old male who the caller advised was suicidal and intoxicated. Tr. Luce responded to the Frenchville residence and spoke with the man. The man was having thoughts of harming himself and agreed to be evaluated. Tr. Luce transported the man to NMMC for an evaluation.

Jan. 23 – Tr. Luce received a call of a domestic assault that had occurred in St. Agatha. The caller, who was the boyfriend, reported that he was beaten up by his girlfriend at her residence. The man was at his parent’s house in Madawaska. Tr. Luce responded to Madawaska to interview the man. The man was intoxicated and refused to cooperate and kicked him out of the house. Tr. Luce then responded to St. Agatha to speak with the girlfriend. The girlfriend described a different story saying that the man was intoxicated and refused to leave. The man then hit his girlfriend with a closed fist after she threatened to dump a bottle of alcohol down the drain. The boyfriend then strangled the girlfriend and then left the residence. Tr. Luce went back to Madawaska and arrested the man for Aggravated Assault and transported him to jail. Bail was denied.

Jan. 23 – Tr. Sucy and Tr. Lilley responded to Haynesville for a report of theft of Oxycodone. The elderly woman called a family friend to report that a man had vehicle trouble and asked to use her phone. The man later used the bathroom and stole 4 to 6 Oxycodone 5 mg pills. The man was not located that evening. Tr. Sucy followed up with the victim who refused to cooperate with the investigation.

Jan. 23 – Tr. Lilley and Tr. Sucy responded to a residence in Patten for a reported on going Domestic situation. The neighbor had called when he heard someone yelling for help and call 911 from inside a residence. The caller then heard a man yell “get out”. Tr. Lilley located the residence and spoke with the man inside. The man stated that he had a male friend over and he refused to leave but did leave before Trooper’s arrived. The homeowner refused to give the friends name.

Jan. 24 – Tr. Lilley was patrolling the Interstate in his unmarked cruiser, when he observed a vehicle closing in behind him at 83 mph. Tr. Lilley attempted to stop the vehicle once it passed him. The operator and sole occupant of the vehicle was reaching back in to the back seat prior to stopping. The male operator stated that he did not have a driver’s license with him and provided the name and D.O.B. from the registration. Tr. Lilley observed empty beer cans in the back seat and two full ones. The man had been drinking so Tr. Lilley ran the subject through field sobriety tests. Tr. Lilley then ran a license check on the man but the DMV photograph seemed like the man in the picture was a lot heavier than him. Tr. Lilley brought the man back to his cruiser and showed him his picture. The man said that it was him. Tr. Lilley continued to question the man until he admitted to giving his brother’s name and D.O.B. Tr. Lilley ran the correct name and D.O.B. which showed the man’s license was revoked and he had an active warrant. Tr. Lilley arrested the man and transported him to jail.

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