Here is a record of some of the activity of Troop F of the Maine State Police during the week of November 28 – December 4, 2022.  Summaries may be minimally edited.

Man arrested in Castle Hill on outstanding warrant

On November 28th, while investigating an unrelated incident, Trooper Rider was preparing to leave an apartment complex and noticed a man milling around his vehicle as if he was waiting for the Troopers to leave.  Trooper Rider recalled the man driving into the parking lot while he was investigating.  Trooper Rider discovered the man had a suspended driver’s license and a warrant for his arrest (probation revocation).  Trooper Rider arrested the man without incident and transported him to the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton.


State Police respond to fatal collision in Westfield

On November 28th, Sgt. Clark, Trooper Roy, and Trooper Rider responded to a fatal crash on US Route 1, Westfield. A woman was driving north on the roadway and came around a corner to find another vehicle driving in her lane.  She could not avoid the vehicle and they hit head on.  A witness reported seeing the southbound vehicle speeding and not staying in his lane.  The woman was transported by ambulance to Northern Light AR Gould Hospital, Presque Isle, where she was pronounced dead; the man in the other vehcle died at the scene.  US Highway 1 was closed for several hours in both directions while the scene was being investigated. The crash is being reconstructed by Office White, Presque Isle Police Department.  MORE DETAILS HERE


Traffic stop in Houlton results in criminal summons

On November 29th, Cpl. Quint was driving through Houlton and observed a vehicle driving very slow, obstructing traffic, with its hazards activated.  A traffic stop was conducted, and the man stated the vehicle’s transmission was not working and he was trying to get it to a gas station.  Further investigation revealed the vehicle was not registered, inspected, and the man had a suspended driver’s license.  He was issued a criminal summons for OAS and a warning for the other two violations.  The vehicle was towed from the roadway.


Man arrested in Sherman for driving nearly 50 mph over the posted speed limit

On November 29th, Cpl. Quint was driving to a complaint in Sherman and met a vehicle travelling at an excessive speed.  The vehicle was caught on radar at 82 mph in a 35-mph zone.  The man was issued a criminal summons for exceeding the posted speed limit by 30 mph or more.


Trooper speaks at Easton High School

On November 30th, Trooper Roy went to Easton High School to speak with the senior class regarding the history of policing, how it has changed, and current issues with law enforcement.


Woman issued criminal summons for passing stopped school bus in Easton

On November 30th, Trooper Roy was approached in Easton by a bus driver reporting a vehicle that passed the stopped bus while a child was in the roadway.  Trooper Roy got the video from the bus, located the vehicle, and was able to get the driver to admit, although she stated she did not see the bus.  The driver was issued a criminal summons for the violation.


Man charged with OUI after being injured in Island Falls ATV crash

On November 30th, Trooper Merchant and Cpl. Quint responded to a medical call in Island Falls. An individual called in and advised that a man had flipped his ATV and was laying in the middle of the road. When EMS arrived on scene, they found a male who was unconscious on the ground and bleeding. EMS transported him to Houlton Regional Hospital. It was found out that the male was intoxicated and had rolled over the ATV on himself. Trooper Merchant arrived at the hospital and spoke with the male. Trooper Merchant advised while speaking with the male she could smell the odor of an intoxicating beverage. The male was charged with Operating Under the Influence/Refusal. He was summonsed for the charge in the hospital.


Vehicle clocked at 94 mph in Caribou

On December 4th, Trooper Roy was conducting traffic enforcement in Caribou and observed a vehicle passing two other cars.  Trooper Roy locked the vehicle's speed at 94 mph in a posted 55 mph zone.  Trooper Roy issued the man a criminal summons for exceeding the posted speed limit by 30 mph or more.


Driver charged with criminal speeding at Madawaska Lake

On December 4th, Trooper Roy was conducting traffic enforcement on Route 161, Madawaska Lake Twp, and observed a vehicle travelling at an excessive speed.  The vehicle was locked at 86 mph in a posted 55 mph zone.   Trooper Roy issued the man a traffic summons.


Troop F is responsible for Maine State Police coverage for all of Aroostook County and the northern parts of Penobscot, Piscataquis and Somerset Counties. The Commanding Officer is Lt. Brian L. Harris, who provided the information above.

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