Here is a listing of a few common acronyms, abbreviations, codes and jargon used by Maine law enforcement agencies. This resource will be updated on an ongoing basis.

ACJ - Aroostook County Jail

ADW - Assault With a Deadly Weapon

ARIDE - Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement

ASO, ACSO - Aroostook County Sheriff's Office

BAC - Blood-Alcohol Content

BLETP - Basic Law Enforcement Training Program

BTD - Breath Testing Device

CEW - Conducted Energy Weapon  (also Conducted Electrical Weapon)

CVEU - Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit

DDA - Deputy District Attorney

DRE - Drug Recognition Expert (or Drug Recognition Evaluation)

DV - Domestic Violence

ERT - Emergency Response Team (or Evidence Response Team)

ECS - Emergency Communications Specialist (dispatcher)

FTA - Failure to Appear

H/O - Habitual Offender

IMAT - Incident Management Team

JCCO - Juvenile Community Corrections Officer

LE - Law Enforcement

LEO - Legal Education Opportunity Program, Law Enforcement Officer

LPO - Leadership in Police Organizations

MCJA - Maine Criminal Justice Academy

MCU - Major Crimes Unit

MDT- Mobile Data Terminal

NCIC - National Crime Information Center

OAR -Operating after Revocation

OAS - Operating After Suspension

ODARA - Ontario Domestic Abuse Risk Assessment

OUI - Operating Under the Influence

PACE - Police and Community Enforcement

PBT - Preliminary Breath Test, Portable Breathalyzer Test

PCJ - Penobscot County Jail

PFAO -  Protection from Abuse Order

PI - Personal Injury

PO - Protection order

PPO - Probation & Parole Officer

PSO - Penobscot Sheriff's Office

RCC - Regional Communications Center

RTT - Recruit Training Troop

SFST - Standardized Field Sobriety Test

Stonegarden - A border security operation

SO - Sheriff's Office

VCR - Violating Conditions of Release

VSAC - Violation Summons and Complaint

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