The RCMP in New Brunswick says seven separate crashes in their jurisdiction in the first week of June have left three people dead and seven others critically injured.


Police say that in nearly every vehicle crash, excessive speed, impaired driving, not wearing a seat belt, or a combination of these factors were major contributors to the deaths and injuries.

“Summer is when we usually have our highest number of crashes, so to be only a week into June and to see this many is concerning,” said Staff Sergeant Gilles Blinn with the RCMP in New Brunswick’s Traffic Services.

Blinn says, “Despite the overwhelming evidence of what can happen when you drive impaired, speed or don’t buckle up, there appears to remain the attitude that ‘It can’t happen to me’. That attitude has to change or we’re going to continue to be knocking on doors to tell people their loved one is in the hospital or not coming home for a reason that is so easily preventable.”

The RCMP says it takes a zero tolerance approach to people not wearing a seat belt, driving while impaired, and aggressive driving such as speeding.

If you witness these types of behaviours, tpolice ask you to take note of the vehicle make, model and licence plate number, and call 911.