UPDATE, 10:05 EDT: 

CBC News has reported that 2 of the four people who were shot to death this morning in Fredericton were police officers. One man is in custody and police are asking the public to not post video or photos on social media that would compromise their positions.


Police are reporting that one suspect is in custody in relation to an early morning shooting that has killed four people in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Police are still telling area residents to stay away from the Brookside Drive area as they continue to investigate the ongoing incident.

CBC News has tweeted that four fatalities from the shooting are being reported.

Various businesses, to include employees at a local Tim Horton's, locked their doors and were not allowing patrons to enter their facility this morning.

No names have been released at this time as police have reiterated to the public that they are still involved in working an active incident. Police have stated that they will release confirmed information as soon as they can.

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