Caribou native and NASA astronaut, Jessica Meir, will not be on the Artemis II mission around the moon.

Jessica Meir Not on Current Mission, but might Walk on the Moon

She may be the first woman to walk on the moon on a future voyage.

Artemis II Team

NASA has picked four astronauts to take the trip on the Orion rocket ship in 2024 for a 10 day trip around the moon. The Artemis II team includes NASA astronauts Christina Koch, Victor Glover, Reid Wiseman, and Jeremy Hansen from the Canadian Space Agency. The mission is to establish an ongoing human presence on the moon, according to WGME News.

Meir May Walk on the Moon

Meir could be selected to be on a future mission to land on the moon.

All-Female Space Walk in 2019 and NASA Research and Training

Meir is from Aroostook County, Maine and is a native of Caribou. She was teamed up with Koch to do the first all-women space walk in 2019. She spent over 200 days aboard the International Space Station doing research and has been instrumental in training for the Artemis missions.

Meir Posted a Video to Announce the Birth of her Daughter

Meir recently announced the birth of her baby girl and posted a video on social media.

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