Jessica Meir Simulates Moon Mission

Caribou, Maine native and NASA astronaut, Jessica Meir, recently posted photos on Twitter of her practicing and simulating moonwalks. She is also seen riding in a lunar rover and doing geology missions in the Black Point Lava Flow in Arizona. Astronaut Sarah Shull works alongside her during the training exercises.

Tweets from Astro_Jessica on Twitter

The tweets are fascinating. They give you such an insight into the preparations of for going back to the moon. Meir adds just enough info to let you know what's going on in each Tweet.

Tweet from October 23, 2022:

Tweet from October 23, 2022:

Tweet from October 19, 2022:

Historical Spacewalks in 2019

Jessica Meir will be one of the first woman to go to the moon if she is selected for the mission. Meir has reached milestones before. You might remember her historical spacewalk with astronaut Christina Koch. In 2019. They did the first all-female spacewalk. She spent 205 days total on the International Space Station.

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More Information from Jessica Meir

Follow Jessica Meir on her incredible Twitter account. She goes by Astro_Jessica. There are so many cool photos and adventures she goes on.

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