We wanted to check up on Jessica Meir to see what she’s been up to. Come to find out, she just had a birthday on July 1, 2021. As you’d imagine, Astro Jessica (her name on Twitter) didn’t celebrate her 44th birthday in normal earthling style. Instead, she did a workout most of us could only aspire to.

Meir did the extensive workout with her fellow astronaut Ann McClain (who goes by Astro Animal on Twitter - which is such an awesome name). 
They completed a list of 12 workout routines in multiples of 44 - or time frames like that. Take a close look at the routines. Just one of the workouts on the list would drop many us mere mortals.

Can you do 44 lengths of a basketball court? How about 44 push ups? Not sure what a goblet squat is, but she did 44 of ‘em. There’s no way any of us could do 44 pull ups. The list goes on and on. You might have done 44 burpees already today - but we’re not talking that kind of burpee. Planking for 4 minutes and 40 seconds would probably be the last thing any of us would ever do - not Jessica. She is truly amazing.

In the Twitter photo above, we don’t know the man standing to Meir’s left - does anyone know his name? Probably an astronaut and we should know his name. Also, there’s a line from McClain that says “Happy birthday Goose.” Is she calling Jessica “Goose”? Like in Top Gun? Or is there some other meaning to the nickname?

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Jessica is a Caribou, Maine native and traveled to the International Space Station on September 25, 2019 on a Soyuz MS-15 rocket. She spent 204 days, 15 hours and 19 minutes in space. She was also a part of the first all-female spacewalk with Christina Koch on October 18, 2019. There are about 10,000 more things she's done, but that's just two or three.

If you don’t know how cool Astro Jessica is you better read up on her incredible story. Nasa has some good stuff to get you started. Her twitter is epic too.

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