The Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival are planning to help raise money to honor the memory of slain Fredericton police officer, Sara Burns on Sunday at a free concert.

On August 10th, 43-year old Cst. Sara Burns, along with fellow officer, 45-year old Cst. Robb Costello were shot to death after responding to a shooting at an apartment complex located in the 200 block of Brookside Drive, in Fredericton. Civilians Donnie Ribichaud and Bobbi Lee Wright were also killed.

All four victims of the shootings will be honored on Sunday.

In addition, a song written in the name of slain police officer, Sara Burns, is scheduled to be sung at the event and copies of the tune will be available on line.

According to CBC News, Harvest volunteers will be wearing navy-blue shirts, honoring the police department with #FrederictonStrong printed on them.

The event is scheduled to take place this Sunday, September 16th at about 1:50 p.m. (AT) at Officer's Square in downtown Fredericton.



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