The North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment of the Canadian Army is advising Bathurst residents that Exercise RAPID RESPONSE 2022 will bring Canadian and Polish soldiers together for winter training in the Bathurst area from March 7th to 11th.

Over the five days of training, residents can expect an increase in military vehicle traffic on the roads and additional snowmobile traffic along trail systems in the area. This activity should not have an impact on normal traffic patterns, according to Captain Ian McIntyre of 37 Canadian Brigade Group.

During Exercise RAPID RESPONSE 2022, soldiers from the two countries will conduct specialized training unique to Northern operations. This enables Canadian Army units to confirm their ability to effectively conduct operations under adverse conditions.

Longtime allies, the armed forces of Canada and Poland have cooperated over the years through joint training activities. Each year, Polish troops have trained alongside Canadian soldiers in winter conditions and Canadian troops continue to participate in NATO exercises organized on Polish territory.

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