A 25-year-old woman died in an ATV crash Saturday afternoon in Coplin after hitting a washout on the trail and being thrown from the side-by-side.

Woman Died in ATV Crash

The Maine Warden Service said Abigail Divoll from Royalston, Massachusetts was the passenger in the vehicle driven by 26-year-old Matthew Tolman from Hubbardstown, Massachusetts. They were riding on the ATV trail near Quill Hill Road around 12:25 pm.

The ATV Hit a Washout on the Trail

Mark Latti, Communications Director with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife said “the pair were in the lead ATV in a group of three ATVS when they struck a washout on the trail and lost control of the ATV. Tolman was thrown from the ATV and suffered a serious head injury, and Divoll was killed in the crash.”

Wardens: “Speed and Alcohol may have been a Factor”

Latti said “Tolman was flown from the scene in a lifeflight helicopter to Maine Medical Center in Portland. Neither Divoll or Tolman were wearing helmets. It appears that speed and alcohol may have been a factor in the crash.” The Maine Warden Service is investigating the crash.

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