The all-new Western Valley Multiplex will be the center of entertainment over the next few days during the truck and tractor pulls. This event is put on by the Centreville Chamber of Commerce and the people are ready for the rolling smoke and roaring engines at the new facility. 

Many people have been eager to get into the new multiplex that will have 2 tracks for twice as much pulling and racing! This has been an extremely popular event over the years and in 2019 the chamber celebrated its 30th year hosting pullers from all over Canada and the northeastern United States. There are two days of pulling scheduled for Friday and Saturday. 

The Western Valley Multiplex is an open-air facility and can seat anywhere between 2000-4000 people, depending on the event and setup. Recent rainfall could make for a more challenging track for this weekend's event on both tracks. The schedule for both nights can be found here on the page for the pulls 

A truck and tractor pull are a great way to reintroduce yourself to the community as we continue to come out of the height of the coronavirus pandemic. The number of active cases in the province is low and the rate of complete vaccination in New Brunswick is over 75% which should help get more people to the multiplex this weekend. You can click the link to learn more about the Western Valley Multiplex and to reach out if you have any questions before you arrive to the event. Good luck to all of the pullers, and enjoy the show!

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