Woodstock residents are you ready for some good news? Woodstock Old Home Week is returning and the list of events is being released. The social event of the summer was interrupted last year by the pandemic and restrictions. This year's version of the festival is a welcome sign to many in the Upper River Valley. 

The events will get started with a drive-in movie night at the grandstand on Friday July 30. According to the Old Home Week website you can watch two classic films, ET and Footloose. On Saturday the 31st of July there will be Lawn Mower Races starting at 7 p.m. Atlantic time. I have been told that these lawn mower races at Old Home Week are a must-see event. My sources are reliable so don't miss out on this action.

On August 28 folks in Woodstock will be treated to the demolition derby and tuff trucks challenge. This event will take place in the afternoon and registration for the two events is now open. Given that people are excited for some staples returning, I expect the turnout to this year's Old Home Week to be substantial.

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The announcements made this week are just the beginning for Old Home Week. Officials of the event plan to release more details on these events, as well as other events that will take place. There will be more activities announced as the details of those become finalize in the coming days. Is there an event from Old Home Week you are looking forward to most? "Normalcy” is starting to return!  

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