Residents in New Brunswick and across Canada are gearing up for the snap Federal Canadian Elections on Monday, September 20. Prime Minister and Liberal Party leader, Justin Trudeau, called for the snap election in August.  

Who is running and what do the polls say? 

As we enter the final weekend before citizens head to the polls the race is very close between Trudeau and Conservative Erin O'Toole. Recent polls have shown that O'Toole is carrying a marginal lead as candidates make their final pitches to Canadians over the weekend. The two candidates are spending their day on Friday in parts of Ontario at separate campaign announcements to rally support of undecided voters before Monday.  

The New Democrat Party Leader, Jagmeet Singh is spending Friday in Quebec attempting to close the gap between him and the top two candidates to fill the role of Prime Minister. Singh has generated enough support to cause Trudeau and O'Toole to enter Monday's election in a dead heat. Each undecided vote in Canada is extraordinarily important and Trudeau tried to win a few more voters over by calling his top opponents' leadership "weak.” Trudeau has gained support from former U.S. President Barak Obama and many other world leaders.  

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Monday is the Day! 

The 39-day election season in Canada will be coming to an end on Monday when voters make the choice as to whether they continue with Trudeau's guidance, or do they elect a new Prime Minister to lead Canada out of the pandemic. This election will have impacts on the border situation between the United States and Canada. While neither candidate has fully committed to a stance on the border, many in the U.S. are curious if O'Toole would open the border. There are many questions that will start to be answered on Monday.

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