An international investigation has turned up 180 kilograms of methamphetamine smuggled in spare tires from Mexico to car dealerships in Canada, including a stash found in Woodstock, New Brunswick.

On February 7, Corey Ford contacted the Woodstock Police Force after discovering a suspicious spare tire that did not match the make and model it was stored in, which was suspected of containing illicit drugs.

Woodstock Police responded to the dealership and seized the tire. The tire was found to contain 7 kilos of what police believed to be methamphetamine, according to a news release.

At a news conference last week, Ontario Provincial Police explained how the contraband drugs had been concealed in new vehicles built at a Ford Motor Company plant in Mexico and then shipped via rail to Canada.

Employees at Ford Dealerships in Ontario are credited with notifying police after discovering methamphetamine stashed within spare tires that did not match the make and model of Ford Fusions being shipped. As a result, Ford Canada made its dealerships aware of the situation, which led to the seizure in Woodstock, New Brunswick.

In total, 180 kilograms of meth was located in vehicles shipped trans-continentally to Canada, the news release stated.

The investigation included Canada Borders Services Agency, Sûreté du Québec, Greater Sudbury Police Service in Ontario and the Woodstock, N.B. Police Force.

Police in Canada do not know where or when the actual exploitation of the legal cargo occurred.

The Woodstock Police Force wants to thank Corey Ford and Ford Canada for the diligence of their employees in helping to remove this dangerous drug off the streets.

Woodstock Police Force
Woodstock Police Force
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