Jami Springer is a 27-year-old Moncton woman who has been missing since August 31. The New Brunswick RCMP  has been asked by the family of Jami Springer to release the follow statement on their behalf.


Today marks four weeks since Jami was last seen here in Moncton.  It has been a month of waiting, sleepless nights, praying and hoping to have the phone ring and hear Jami on the other end.

As a family we've done our own searching around Moncton, talking to everyone we can and we've been sharing Jami's picture on social media every day in hopes that someone recognizes her and knows where she is.

This is our worst nightmare.  Where is Jami? Who is she with? Is she safe?

We know that somebody knows something.


Jami, if you see this, please call us.  We love you and want to know you’re safe.  To the person or people who do know something, please call the police or Crime Stoppers.  If this was your loved one missing; your daughter, your son, your brother, your sister, your mother or your father, you would want to know where they are and that they are safe.

Thank you to the media for being here and helping keep Jami’s disappearance in the public eye.  Thank you to the RCMP investigators who have kept us up to date about what’s being done to find Jami but they need the public’s help.  Please everyone, keep sharing this on social media so that those who know something see it.

Please help my family and help us find Jami. We love her dearly and want to see her again.  Please help us bring her home.

Statement from the Family of Jami Springer