There are many improvements and projects beginning construction at Crabbe Mountain in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The ski resort has been selected as a host site as part of the 2023 Canada Winter Games. Prince Edward Island was selected as the host for the games, and Crabbe Mountain provides the perfect location for the Games Alpine and Freestyle ski events.  

The Crabbe Mountain Facebook page posted the blueprints of the new addition to the lodge, as well as the early work on some trail renovations. Hosting the games events will provide a much-needed economic boost to the region when the 2023 Games are set to run February 18 through March 5. The new addition to the lodge is expected to be ready for the 2022-23 season.  

Via Crabbe Mountain Facebook Page

I had the privilege of working at a small ski area for close to 5 years and I can tell you that hosting an event like this will be an incredibly large task. The design of the addition to the lodge looks like it will be very functional for the large event, but also be sustainable after the games. In total, the new addition will be 15,000 square feet and consolidate several operations into one building.  

Crabbe Mountain Facebook Page
Crabbe Mountain Facebook Page

Congratulations to Crabbe Mountain and the surrounding areas who will reap the benefits of this announcement. During a difficult economic time, knowing that a multi-week event is coming to the area can boost consumer confidence. For more information on Crabbe Mountain visit their website, and you can go here to learn more about the 2023 Winter Canada Games.

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