The councilors of Woodstock, NB announced that they will be canceling activities that were scheduled to honor Canada Day on July 1. The announcement comes as many municipalities across the entire country will be using the day to reflect after the discovery of over 900 unmarked graves near two separate residential schools. 

Canada Day celebrates the anniversary of Canada's confederation on July 1, 1867 and most communities celebrate with parades, fireworks, and other activities. However, this year many municipalities have decided to use the day as "day of quiet reflection". Woodstock officials said "Because of this tragedy and the impact on our friends at Woodstock First Nation, and all First Nation communities in Canada, a day of reflection and remembrance is viewed as one of great importance at this point in time." 

Woodstock had planned activities in Connell Park with a flag raising, cake cutting, and music in the park. Fireworks were not planned for this year because of the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions put in place. In May, 215 unmarked graves of children were found on the property of a residential school in British Columbia. A few weeks later, in June, there were 951 unmarked graves discovered on a school property in Saskatchewan.  

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Many people appear to be supporting the movement for Canada Day to be subdued this year. There are a number of people who feel the day of reflection is another effect of the cancel culture. The #CancelCanadaDay has been hitting the "trending" marks on social media over the past week. While some feel that Canada Day may be over forever, there does not appear to be any such official announcement in the future. Choose to use the day however you want to, but remember to do so respectfully and responsibly.  

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