Car Driven into Walgreens

It’s a good thing no one was hurt after a 77-year-old woman drove her car into a Walgreens in Cornish, Maine Thursday.

Vehicle was in Reverse Instead of Drive

The York County Sheriff’s Office said Donna Letellier from Limerick had been shopping in the store. When she finished, she got in her Subaru to drive away. “Instead of placing her vehicle into "reverse” she placed it into "drive" and accelerated through the side of the wall and into the store,” said the Sheriff’s Office.

The woman was alright and not injured. There were no injuries in the Walgreens or pharmacy, according to the Bangor Daily News.

Photos Posted to Facebook

The York County Sheriff's Office posted several photos to their Facebook. There are some views from inside the store as well as a picture of the tow truck company removing the vehicle. You can also see different angles of the vehicle in the building.

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Business Closed due to Major Structural Damage

Letellier's vehicle was towed away and the building had “major structural damage.” It  closed for business. The accident happened at 151 Maple Street in the small town of Cornish in York County, Maine.

Good Thing No One was Inured

It's a relief that there was nobody in the Walgreens that was hurt. Thankfully the driver made it out too. It must have been scary for everyone involved.

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