There has been much talk about opiate addiction, especially in the state of Maine. CVS Pharmacy is wanting to do something about it.

From trafficking bath salts and opiates to talking with high schoolers about it, and even your pets vet, opiates can be prescribed by a doctor or physician, but CVS Pharmacy wants to put 'timer caps' on the bottles to help people stop the addiction.

Larry Twersky, CEO of TimerCap, got the inspiration for the caps from his mother, who was addicted to opioids.

The TimerCap has a digital timer on it, which is programmed to reset itself whenever the pill bottle is opened. It also helps to remind the patient when they need to take their next pill.

CVS Pharmacy wants to do their part in fighting opioid addiction in the patience that they service and that is why they are advocating for the TimerCaps.

As of now, Rite Aid's have not been notified if they will have TimerCaps put on their opioid prescription bottles or not.

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