There's an old saying, "too much of a good thing," which honesty is nonsense and Fairgrounds Pizza & Pub blows that theory right out of the water with their incredible pizza creations.

In early 2020 Fairgrounds broke the internet with their fried pickle pizza and they continue to innovate new pies.

The latest will have you feeling like a college kid staying up late snacking on anything and everything you can find.

Introducing the Doritos Cool Ranch Pizza. Hold the marinara for this one. This pie is made with a ranch dressing base topped with chicken, bacon, Cool Ranch Doritos, chipotle aioli, and more ranch dressing.

Fairgrounds Pizza & Pub

Fairgrounds shared a photo of this majestic creation on Facebook. Most are pumped for the bacon Dorito combo but some are intimidated. To those apprehensive just know it does get stranger.

John Shea in the comments shared his personal creation of a Spaghettio hot dog pizza with Slim Jim stuffed crust.

John Shea via Facebook

(Not gonna lie, I'd try it.)

Head to Cornish today to try the new Dorito Cool Ranch Pizza, shepherd's pie pizza, crab rangoon pizza, or even a basic pepperoni pizza located at 156 Maple Street.

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