Hey, guys! If you haven't learned your lesson already, then you might want to know that when dining with a County girl, it's best to keep your mouth shut about her food.

Our friends at Eat This, Not That says that mealtime should be the better part of the day. We do meetings around food, go on dates with food, and enjoy great company, or not so great company while eating.

If you're not paying attention to yourself and your thoughts, you just might say something to your lady friend that could upset her and the night as a whole.

So, we are here to help you out on this one.

Here are 5 things that you should really avoid saying to your lady friend, girlfriend, wife, and daughter when eating. This will save you some serious embarrassment and possibly help you keep your life long relationship with them.

Please, Do Not Say These Things To A County Girl!

  • Oli Scarff , Getty Images
    Oli Scarff , Getty Images

    "Whoa, You Really Inhaled That, Didn't You?"

    Do we really need to say anything about this? You may have been shocked, but she heard you say that she has no self-control and is a pig and you've accused her of 'wolfing' down her meal. You're in big trouble, pal.

  • matthewennisphotography, Thinkstock
    matthewennisphotography, Thinkstock

    "Are You Aware Of How Many Calories You're Taking Down?"

    Basically, you are saying to her that she doesn't know how to count and you're coming off like some kind of dietician, which you probably aren't. Do yourself a favor. Don't bring up calorie count at a meal. Save yourself the heartache.

  • Jason Salmon, Thinkstock
    Jason Salmon, Thinkstock

    "You Ought Not Eat That If You're Trying To Lose Weight"

    Did she tell you she was trying to lose weight. If not, you just called her fat and presumed, mistakenly, that she was. If she was, how do you know it wasn't one of her "cheat" days? Uh huh - you didn't and you're in trouble, bro.

  • Thinkstock

    "Wow, You're Planning To Eat All Of That?"

    OK....She heard you just say that she's an 'Oinker'. Just because she ordered it, doesn't mean she's going to inhale it all in one setting. Now, you've pretty much told her that she's a pig. She should tell you, "Yep, I did and you ain't gettin' none of it."

  • Talltrevor, Thinkstock
    Talltrevor, Thinkstock

    "Is That All You're Planning To Eat?"

    Did you stop to think that maybe she wasn't really hungry? Take a look at your own plate. Maybe you should consider eating less yourself. Betty yet, take a look at your midsection.

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