There are many great reasons to spend Labor Day in Maine, one is because there is so much to do. Just see what fun ideas people are Tweeting.

Kayaking In Aroostook State Park!


Go Take A Hike Up One Of The "Mountains" In The County! Love the View!


Take A Ride In A Hot Air Balloon! Up, Up, And Away!


There's Nothing Like The Fish In Maine! You Get A Pole And I'll Get A Line!

Set Up A Camp Site For A Nice, Relaxing Weekend Away From It All In Maine!

How About A Rafting Trip In Maine? Plan To Get A Little Wet! :)


We Are Heading To Rockport, Maine For Some Relaxing Fun In The Sun!

There Is Plenty Of Places To Hike, Read, and Camp In The County!

Doing Nothing Works Too!

Whatever it is that you decide to do, we hope that you have a fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend, as we celebrate the workers who help to make companies and America go!

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