There is more help on the way for New Brunswickers as many attempts to recover from the spring flood that caused havoc in some parts of the region.

New Nouveau Brunswick reports that the provincial government has announced that it is adding more community offices to bring more aid to those in New Brunswick as they continue to recover from the spring flood.

Denis Landry, Justice and Public Safety Minister has stated that there are communities who need a longer-term solution to the problems that have stemmed from the flooding, in order to get the help that people need.

In an effort to help New Brunswickers, community offices will open at the Rothesay Town Hall and Maugerville Community Centre Monday.

Should New Brunswickers have any questions, community liaison officers will be available to field those questions that are related to the flood recovery efforts, to include financial assistance as well.

Hours of Operation are Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. Atlantic Time until further notice.


A community liaison officer will be available to help with any issues or questions related to flood recovery, including financial assistance.

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