Public Health reported no new cases of COVID-19 Thursday.

“Although we have no new cases today, we must remember that this virus is still present in New Brunswick and we need to be very cautious,” said Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer of health. “Self-isolation is our best tool in shortening the duration of these outbreaks. We need to maintain physical distancing, practise good hygiene and support each other as we work our way through this pandemic together.”

When masks are worn and used properly they, along with other public health measures like frequent hand washing, proper cough/sneeze etiquette and physical distancing, are effective in limiting the spread of COVID-19.

“New Brunswickers are known for being warm, caring and kind,” said Russell. “Most understand that masks work to help prevent the spread of disease and they want to do everything they can to protect others. We need everyone to support their fellow New Brunswickers and their businesses.”

The number of confirmed cases in New Brunswick is 292 and 201 have recovered. There have been two deaths, and the number of active cases is 89. Five patients are hospitalized with one in an intensive care unit. As of Thursday, 88,712 tests have been conducted.

Zones 1 and 5 are Orange

Zone 1 and Zone 5 remain at the Orange level under the province’s COVID-19 recovery plan. Orange level rules are available online.

All other zones in New Brunswick remain at the Yellow level. During this time, Public Health measures and guidelines must still be followed.

To find out the boundaries of each health zone, see the map available at:

Dalhousie Regional High School

Students and staff from Grade 6 through Grade 8 will engage in virtual learning until Oct. 22. Staff will contact affected families with more information.Students in Grades 9 through 12 have resumed in-class learning.

Académie Notre-Dame

Students are learning from home until Oct. 16. Next week, they will resume in-class learning on a staggered schedule. School staff will contact affected families with more information, including the schedule for the staggered re-entry.

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