The Aroostook County Sheriff's Office has a new smartphone application available now to download free for Android and iPhone users. The app features one-touch function to reach the dispatch center, a "where am I" location button, the ability to text in tips on crime, and submit questions on law enforcement, jail and civil process issues. There are also links to the Sheriff's website and Facebook page and a feature for listening to live radio traffic.

Aroostook County Sheriff

The Sheriff's Office says you can download this application for when you need them,  even need them quickly, but are not in a real life-or-death "dial 911" situation.

The app was developed by Radio Communications Management (RCM2WAY) in Presque Isle and is meant to be very user-friendly.

Download the app at Google Play. This new, locally-designed app augments the existing MYPD app you can download from the department's Facebook page.