The most recent jobs report that was released earlier this week was less than impressive, to say the least. 4.3 million American's simply quit their jobs for a variety of reasons. Many pundits are trying to debunk the theory that vaccine mandates are behind the mass resignations, but I feel that it has played a much larger role than many of them want to admit.

How about Aroostook County? 

Bringing it local, are you one of the 4.3 million who quit their job recently? I want to hear from you, if you are willing to share your reasoning. A large portion of those who quit their jobs cited an inability to find sustainable child care being the number one reason they opted out of working. This has been an issue in Aroostook County since just before the onset of the pandemic. Many child care operations are at capacity and have waitlists so long that you get the sense your kid will be marching down the graduation aisle before that slot opens up.

I thought recruiting was for college sports and military? 

The conversations I have with our sales reps in regards to their clients, are primarily centered around recruiting employees. An all-too-common theme that I am hearing is that people are being hired and then are not showing up for day one on the job. Are you serious? Hiring and training a new employee in any industry is an extremely costly measure to any business, large or small. If you get the job, please show up and do the work. If you have no intentions of showing up, then show the employer a little respect and let them know. As more people opt out of working, our economy could take a blow that may take years to recover from.

Talk to me...

I applaud those who used the pandemic to hit the reset button on their careers. I have talked to a few people who changed careers and they are as happy as they have ever been. When I see the teens going to work and doing a very good job at many local businesses, I have a sense of hope that this is a temporary situation we are facing in Aroostook County. Many of the places I frequent that have teenage staff, have some of the best customer service around. Good for you! Reach out to me in the comments on this page or at and chat with me about your experience and reasoning why you are not working. You can remain anonymous.

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