In case you missed it, in late October U.S. Senator Susan Collins made her 8,000th vote as a member of the Senate. The senator from Caribou has been representing the state of Maine in Washington D.C. since she was elected in 1996. 

In a rare moment of bi-partisan comradery, Sen. Collins received several kind comments from colleagues Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, and John Thune before casting the 8,000th vote. The first vote that Collins cast in early 1997 was for Madeleine Albright as Secretary of State. Since then, the Caribou native has shown the rest of the country what Aroostook County does best. Showing up to work.

The work ethic of Mainer's is something we are very proud of and are sure to mention to anyone wherever we go. To have Senator Collins showing the country that our drive is more than just words. it's action. She has shown up every day since her first election and has always made sure that Maine's voice has been heard. John Thune said it best "It's an extraordinary number, and what it represents is Susan's work ethic, tenacity, and commitment to the people of Maine".  

Sen. Collins will continue to pile on to her record-breaking number of votes since she was re-elected to her seat in 2020, defeating Sarah Gideon. Susan Collins’ fifth term in the U.S. Senate is set to run through January of 2027. Each person may not agree with each vote that Collins has made, but she has represented the Mainers who believe that showing up to work every day and doing your job is the standard and expected.

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