This weekend, Remy Ma caused quite a stir when she released the relentless Nicki Minaj diss, "ShETHER."

Now, fans have captured footage of her performing the blistering track for the first time live for fans in Reading Pennsylvania on Saturday, just hours after the track was released. Remy joined Lil Kim, Cardi B and the Lox for the Hip Hop and Soul Concert that took place.

"I don't want to hear about your records and big numbers," Remy said. "'Cause I was up top, seven winters and six summers."

As of yet, Nicki has yet to respond on wax to the diss, though she did get in a small back-and-forth with Trey Songz (who Remy name-dropped as having slept with Nicki on the track) on Twitter. Nicki is rumored to be shooting a video for her response to Remy, though nothing has been confirmed (or seen) as of yet.

Check out the clips of Remy's performance below.


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