Over the weekend thieves broke in to a Lions Club’s booth at the Skowhegan Fairgrounds and stole 120 whoopie pies, emptied a fridge full of cookies drank half a gallon of iced tea and proceeded to trash the booth, throwing plastic gloves and silverware all over the floor, the Associated Press reports.

John Youney, a director of the Skowhegan Lions Club, says there’s about $1,000 worth of damage or stolen goods. He added that the club had hosted a fundraiser on Thursday, and everything was in its place at that time.

The article says Lions Club members noticed the break in Sunday morning and they believe it happened Saturday night.

John Youney says those who did it can confess and work off the cost by helping the club with it's volunteer work.

Local police didn't comment except to say they are investigating the incident.

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