The University of Maine, Presque Isle said, as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, and locations across the region limit visitors or shut down altogether, the University of Maine at Presque Isle has made the decision to further limit the use of public spaces on campus.  

On March 16, UMPI closed the Campus Center, Gentile Hall, the Center for Innovative Learning, and the Houlton Higher Education Center to the general public, but those spaces remained open to students, faculty, and staff (and tenants at the Houlton Center). As of March 23, these locations will be fully closed down. 

UMPI officials have put measures in place for students who remain in the residence halls so their access to computers, meals, and wellness opportunities remains constant. Faculty and staff who have critical duties that need to completed in those spaces will have the ability to continue that work; the spaces just won't be open for general faculty, staff, and student use.  

As a further measure, all buildings on campus will be locked. These measures are being taken to  to best protect everyone's health and well-being and to further build upon the University's social distancing efforts. 

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