Three men wanted for thefts at a Walmart in Maine and other stores have been arrested and are in custody.

Three Men Arrested for Thefts at Maine Walmart

Police had issued a “be on the lookout” for the suspects after the Walmart in Lincoln was robbed of $1,118 in merchandise. The suspects were wanted for robbing several stores in six states on the East coast.

Suspects Identified Following Arrests

The Lincoln Police Department said 20-year-old Jessie Evans III from Holly, Michigan, 21-year-old Danny Gipson Jr. from Davidson, Michigan and 19-year-old Marqwan Haralson from Flint, Michigan were arrested Wednesday in Davenport, Iowa for multiple thefts and are in jail.

Lincoln Police - Thinkstock
Lincoln Police - Thinkstock

Extradition Warrant for Maine

“A warrant request is presently in preparation to facilitate the extradition of these individuals back to Maine,” said the Lincoln Police Department.

False Information Given to Rent Car

Officer Winslow from Lincoln PD has been investigating the case. Her discussions with the rental car company that rented a vehicle to the suspects confirmed the men gave a fake driver’s license, fake name, date of birth, license number and non-existent address to rent the car.

Anonymous Tip Led to Arrests

Gipson, Davidson and Haralson were arrested in Iowa after thefts at Walmarts in Davenport. An anonymous tip led to their apprehension, said police.

Security Footage and Booking Photos Used to ID Men

Ofc. Winslow gained access to the arrest records and was able to make a positive identification. Booking photos and security surveillance for Lincoln and Augusta Walmarts were used to cross-reference the suspects.

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