With just this title alone, you may be taking a trip back, in your mind, to those thrilling days of yesteryear when you were a teen and had that terrible summer job.

We've all had them. Picking up dog poop, mowing lawns, washing cars, or working for your dad's friends business where you felt like you were overworked and definitely underpaid.

Another bad rap is when the job description says one thing, and sounds great, but when you actually get on the job, it's nothing like what you thought it was and you soon realize that it has got to be the worst way to make a dime on your much-anticipated summer vacation.

Although there are many, I thought I would outline some jobs that you may want to stay away from as my contribution to humanity.




  • Jupiterimages, Thinkstock
    Jupiterimages, Thinkstock

    Summer Camp Counselor

    They say "you get to work with kids" and "you get to be a leader and entertain the youth of America." In some cases, it turns out that you get to explain to the 10-year olds that they have no chance with the 18-year old counselor and turn over duties to other counselors. By the end of the weekend, you're worn out.

  • Byron Moore, Thinkstock
    Byron Moore, Thinkstock


    They say, "You can help save lives!" If you're on the beach, then you don the Wayfarer's and camp out on your perch. Not to mention smelling like chlorine and never really getting a chance to get into the water. Boring! Plus, the kids don't listen to you half of the time anyway.

  • James Blinn, Thinkstock
    James Blinn, Thinkstock

    Waiter/ Waitress At A Slow Restaurant

    They say, "You'll be able to serve people, read a wine list, and make great tips!" What really happens is you have a large group of people, who have you running back and forth for the extra ranch, catsup, and whatever else and then tip you $1. Not to mention the broken plates and singing "the birthday song" with your co-workers.

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    Burrito Roller/ Burger Flipper

    They say you can "be apart of a team" or "learn great culinary skills", but what you really do is spit in other peoples food and tote the corporate line and do whatever they say like a mindless robot. The upside is that you do get a 10-percent employee discount on all meals.

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    Grocery Store Worker

    They say, "You get to learn responsibility and help people with their groceries." What really happens is you learn how to swap cat food labels and put them on the tuna cans, lock the meat guy up in the freezer and then call his name over the loud speaker, and race up and down aisle 8 with the handicap cart and run over the manager's foot.

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