One of Verizon's vendors publically exposed, online, the addresses and phone numbers of million's of their customers, according to a report.

The Verizon vendor, Nice Systems, a company that is hired to help companies improve their business performance, prevent financial crime and increase optional efficiency, exposed some security pins, which was uncovered by a security firm called UpGuard.

According to the report, UpGuard notified Verizon of the breach, in private, after discovering it in June.

Verizon states that about six million customer accounts were made publicly available after an employee with Nice Systems entered the information into a cloud storage area and allowed access, externally, to the information.

However, Verizon spokesman David Samberg said that there was no loss of Verizon customer information and no loss or theft of their subscribers.

If you think you were a victim of the Verizon data breach, you could change your passwords on their website or contact them here.

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