In November the people at Verizon introduced a movement they titled "A Call For Kindness". The campaign encouraged people to not just be kind, but to also do something kind for someone else. Verizon teamed up with to find out which state is the kindness in the United States.

A little background

Over the past few months, the two organizations have been surveying thousands of people from each state to determine their capacity for kindness. Dr. Oliver Scott Curry said the survey "revealed a surprisingly high capacity for kindness across America." 

Dude, can I borrow an organ?

This survey did have a few results that were interesting to me. The most common acts of kindness that people are willing to do are being an organ donor for a family member, pulling a stranger from a burning car, and adopting and raising a family member. Those seem to be three totally different acts of kindness to me. Of those surveyed, 72% said they would be willing to lend money to a friend in need, and 53% said they would donate vacation time to a coworker. 

Wait...What? We ranked where?

So where did the Pine Tree State fall in the survey. I was surprised to find Maine sitting in the middle of the pack. Maine ranked #30 in the survey sitting between Indiana and Nebraska. The only state from New England in the top 10 was New Hampshire at #7. Massachusetts did not show the love as they finished #45, the lowest of all the New England states. Kentucky was ranked #1 overall in the survey and was followed by New Mexico, Oklahoma, Georgia, and North Dakota rounds out the top 5.

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Do you agree with the results of the survey? I feel that Maine got the shaft on this one. I am assuming that we ranked lower because we are a very humble state. We are the type of people who just jump in and do whatever is needed to help anyone around us. Share your thoughts on the survey in the comments section. Be kind :) 

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