The Boston Bruins didn't do so well at the home of the New England Patriots, losing 5-1 to the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL Winter Classic in Foxborough. Montreal may have been spurred along by a stirring bilingual rendition of the Canadian anthem by their hometown superstar rockers Simple Plan

The Montreal natives, entering their 17th year as a group, are huge hockey fans, have met many favourite players and have performed often at games, including the 2009 All-Star Game in Montreal. But, until this New Year, they'd never performed "O Canada" to open a game.

In 2008, the Canadiens used Simple Plan's song, "Let's Go" and changed the words to, "Go Habs Go!" after each Montreal goal.

Simple Plan has an album Taking One for the Team coming out next month and said a lot of the music was inspired by hockey.

Boston band American Authors performed during pregame festivities. Jordan Smith sang "The Star-Spangled Banner"  and Nate Ruess performed at the first intermission.