Maine State Police from Augusta's Troop D say a response to a reported stabbing in Randolph late Friday afternoon lead to five women and one man being arrested in Chelsea and Farmingdale.

The alleged stabbing took place on the Barber Road in Randolph. Troopers tracked a suspect to 1127 Eastern Avenue in Chelsea, where they arrested Lindsay Traynum, 31, of Sidney, who was charged with misuse of a public instrument and violating conditions of release.

Also arrested at the scene was Tatyana Tomlinson, 20, who charged with aggravated assault and being a fugitive from justice based on an extraditable arrest warrant from New York State.

The stabbing victim, Jasmine Swift, 27, of Chelsea was treated at Maine General Medical Center in Augusta and released.

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During the investigation, Troopers located heroin and drug paraphernalia in a vehicle that was parked in the driveway at the Chelsea location and known to be driven by Jasmine Swift. The findings lead Troopers to conduct a search warrant on the vehicle and residence.

Upon execution of the search warrant more heroin and drug paraphernalia were found and confiscated. The vehicle searched at the location in Chelsea was registered to Courtney Peaslee, 24, from Hill Street in Farmingdale who was Jasmine Swift’s roommate. After Swift’s release from the hospital she was arrested and charged with heroin possession.

Maine State Police (Troop D)

A high-risk search warrant was then conducted by Troop D, the Maine State Police Tactical Team and by Maine Drug Enforcement, at 36 Hill Street, Apt D in Farmingdale which yielded just over 12 grams of heroin, marijuana, cash from suspected drug proceeds and numerous amounts of drug paraphernalia that was indicative of drug trafficking.

Arrested and charged were Megan Woodcock, 19, of Randolph and Wendell Bazemore, 30, of New York State. They were charged with aggravated heroin trafficking.  Peaslee was also charged with violation of conditional release.