A new song from Prince’s late father is being released today (June 29) to celebrate what would have been John L. Nelson's 101st birthday.

Prince’s half-sister, Sharon Nelson, produced “Heart of Mine” by John L. Nelson at Paisley Park and it is billed as the first single from Don’t Play With Love, The John L. Nelson Project. That project is due to be released Oct. 27.

The elder Nelson was a jazz pianist who's love of music inspired his young son. He performed with the Prince Rogers Trio and co-wrote songs like the instrumental "Father's Song," which saw an official remastered release with the 2017 Expanded Deluxe Edition of the Purple Rain soundtrack. He died in 2001 at the age of 85.

“We are making his music available for the world to hear,” Sharon Nelson said via statement. “Contrary to what has been written about our dad, he was a loving, caring, hardworking father, and a prolific jazz musician most notably known as the father of the musical genius, our brother Prince."

John L. Nelson's album will be released on Sharon Nelson’s company, Maken It Music.

“Our dad wrote and composed many songs, but they were never recorded until now. He was Prince’s musical inspiration, and this project is very special because it was recorded in Paisley Park,” Sharon Nelson said. “This music was destined to come out and we are sure you will enjoy the masterful works of John L. Nelson.”

The new song is streaming and available for sale at digital retailers now.

You can listen to "Heart of Mine" below.

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