Troop F of the Maine State Police included just a few incidents in their weekly report this week. Summaries may be minimally edited.

State Police Issue 3 Summonses, 3 Warnings to Woman Pulled Over in Bridgewater

On August 26th, Corporal Quint was conducting traffic enforcement in Bridgewater when he observed a vehicle with an expired inspection certificate and a broken windshield. A traffic stop was conducted and after an investigation it was found the driver had a suspended driver’s license.  It was also discovered the vehicle is not registered or insured, and had defective tires  Cpl. Quint issued the woman a criminal summons for Operating After Suspension, a traffic summons for not having insurance and for the vehicle not being registered. The woman was issued a warning for the expired inspection, the crack in her windshield and for the four bald tires. The vehicle was towed from the roadway.


Connecticut Man Receives Criminal Summons in Northern Aroostook County

On August 27th, Trooper Desrosier was conducting traffic enforcement in Wallagrass when he observed a vehicle commit a traffic infraction. Upon stopping the car and conducting an investigation, it was suspected the driver had a suspended driver’s license from Connecticut. Contact was made with the Connecticut State Police confirming the man’s license is suspended in that state. He was issued a criminal summons for operating without a license and parked his vehicle. The man was going to have a family member come get it later.


 Van Buren Man Charged with Theft of Services

On August 22nd, Trooper Curtin received a Theft of Services report from the railroad in Van Buren after it was discovered a neighbor to the property was using an extension cord in the evenings to steal power.  Trooper Curtin responded to the area and met with the suspect. As a result of Trooper Curtin’s investigation, Trooper Curtin charged the 56-year-old Van Buren man with Theft.


Van Buren Woman on ATV Cited for Violations

On August 22nd, Trooper Cotton was monitoring traffic in Van Buren when he observed an ATV traveling down the road with no lights.  Trooper Cotton stopped the ATV and learned the ATV was not registered and the operator’s license was under suspension. Trooper Cotton issued the operator, a 21-year-old Van Buren woman a VSAC for OAS and had them park the ATV until it was registered.


Stacyville Man Cited for Allegedly Causing Disturbance in Store

On August 25th, Trooper Saucier received a call direct from a business in Patten advising they had been having problems with a local resident causing a disturbance in the store. Trooper Saucier was unable to locate the 75-year-old Stacyville man during his shift.  Cpl. Quint was able to meet with the man on 8-27-22 and served him a Trespass notice not to return to the local business.


In case you missed it, here are a few more incidents Troopers responded to in August:


Vehicle crash north of Portage Lake after driver falls asleep

On August 19th, Trooper Desrosier responded to a single-vehicle crash on Route 11, T14 R6 WELS.  The driver, who had just flown in from Florida, was driving to Fort Kent, fell asleep, and went off the roadway crashing into the ditch.  After an investigation, it was discovered the driver had a suspended Florida driver’s license.  The man was issued a criminal summons for operating without a license and got a ride to Fort Kent with the wrecker.


Woman Arrested After Allegedly Stealing and Crashing Vehicle in Masardis

On August 5th, Trooper Merchant responded to the report of a stolen vehicle from Daaquam Mill in Masardis. It was reported that a female had taken a vehicle from the mill and was now doing doughnuts in the parking lot. While Trooper Merchant was responding, the female crashed the truck into a ditch and was requesting an ambulance. The caller reported he thought the female was on meth. The female was transported to the Aroostook Medical Center. The female was medically cleared, and Trooper Merchant placed her under arrest. Trooper Merchant conducted a DRE evaluation on the female, and it appeared the female was impaired by drugs. Trooper Merchant charged the female with Unauthorized Use of Property, Criminal Mischief, Driving to Endanger, and Operating Under the Influence of Drugs. The female also had an active no bail warrant for her arrest. The female was transported to the Aroostook County Jail without incident.

Driver in Fort Fairfield Crash Charged with Operating Under the Influence of Drugs

On August 14th, Trooper Merchant was asked to conduct a DRE evaluation on an individual for Fort Fairfield Police Department. Fort Fairfield Police Department had been called reference to a box truck that was in an accident. When Fort Fairfield Police arrived, the male driver appeared to be under the influence of something. The male was placed under arrest and taken in for an intoxilyzer test and Trooper Merchant conducted a DRE evaluation on the male. At the conclusion of Trooper Merchant’s evaluation, she found the male to be impaired by Narcotics. The male consented to a blood draw and was charged with Operating Under the Influence of Drugs.

Troop F is responsible for Maine State Police coverage for all of Aroostook County and the northern parts of Penobscot, Piscataquis and Somerset Counties. The Commanding Officer is Lt. Brian L. Harris, who provided the information above.


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