A 39-year-old man was arrested after stealing a Maine Water Company truck, leading police on a chase and crashing into a police cruiser in Lyman.

Driver Faces Multiple Charges after Chase in Stolen Utility Truck

The Maine State Police said Ricky Cooper from Saco was taken into custody Tuesday morning. He is charged with Eluding an Officer, Reckless Conduct with a dangerous weapon, Violating Conditions of Release, and theft. Cooper also had a suspended license and was out of jail on four sets of bail conditions.

Suspect Driving Stolen Truck Erratically

The chase started around 10:15 am when Cpl. Kyle Wells saw the utility truck driving erratically on Route 35 in Lyman. “The truck was swerving in its lane and exceeding the speed limit,” said police.

Driver Stopped and then Fled Again

When Cpl. Wells tried to pull the vehicle over, the driver fled at a high rate of speed. The truck stopped at one point and then took off again on Route 111.

Suspect Crashed into Police Cruiser

Cooper stopped again on the side of the road. “As Cpl. Wells was exiting his cruiser to speak to the operator, the vehicle accelerated in reverse and struck the State Police cruiser putting it out of commission. Cpl. Wells was not injured,” said Shannon Moss, Public Information Officer, Maine Department of Public Safety.

Truck Crashed during Pursuit

The York County Sheriff’s Office picked up the pursuit. The stolen truck crashed at the intersection of Kennebunk Pond and South Waterboro Road in Lyman. Cooper was apprehended.

Driver Injured

Cooper had non-life threatening injuries and was taken to Maine Medical Center.

Ongoing Investigation

The investigation is ongoing and remains open.

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