When we say that a state is a friendly place for women, what do we mean by that? Our friends at Wallethub.com have all the information to show just how friendly Maine is.

There are still many pockets throughout America that, no doubt, aren't the friendliest places for women to be.

What do they mean by that?

In order to define this statement, Wallethub took a look at many different reasons why one state might be more friendly toward women and why others aren't.

Measuring economic and social well-being, women's care and safety, along with high school graduation rates and job, are a few ways that Wallethub determined just how friendly the Pine Tree State was toward women.

Here's how Maine ranked:


Here's where Maine ranked in comparison to other states in the Union.

Screen Shot 03-04-19 at 07.58 AM

Overall, Maine ranked #7 for women-friendliness. That's not too shabby, but it also shows that we can continue to make the Pine Tree State a great place for women to live and thrive.




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