With over 30 years of law enforcement experience and an Army veteran to boot, Presque Isle residents can be confident that the newly appointed police chief can get the job done.

Community Spotlight caught up with newly appointed Presque Isle Police Chief Laurie Kelly, to find out what her plans are to keep the peace in the Star City.

Chief Kelly said that her vision for the area is to continue to move the Presque Isle Police Department forward and get some 'new blood' in there as well.

Right now, the department has many younger officers on the streets, but Chief Kelly says that there will be some positions opening and they will be looking to hire new peace keepers to the force.

Kelly explains her game plan in bringing the drug problems down in the area,

"We're targeting some high profile problem areas and we're collaborating a lot with citizens, private industries, building owners, code enforcement and other law enforcement agencies."

She also said that they receive reports and updates from federal agencies and they court's help with reviewing warrants, sometimes in the middle of the night, in order to help the department keep crime in the area at bay.

Chief Kelly concluded by saying that she would like the Presque Isle Police Department to be more self-sufficient by having internal trainers and instructors who can keep officers up-to-date on all of the latest data and training modules, instead of them going elsewhere for that.

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