Crime scene photos of the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery have emerged online. If you recall, last October, masked robbers broke into a hotel room where Kanye West’s wife was staying, bound and gagged her, and ran off with $5.6 million dollars in jewelry.

French authorities have arrested 16 people in connection with the crime, including Kardashian’s Paris limo driver. France’s F1 News released the photos (via TMZ) and they show the grim evidence from the crime scene.

Among the photographs is the duct tape used to bind Kardashian and the disheveled bedroom and bathroom. There’s also surveillance video of the the alleged robbers most of whom are middle-aged men and career criminals. Some of the suspects, who go by nicknames like “Blue Eyes,” “Broken Nose” and "Old Omar,” gathered at a local cafe multiple of times after the robbery.

According to reports, the thieves only made a small profit from the items they stole inside the hotel room.

Since the robbery, Kim Kardashian (and Kanye West to some extent) has kept a low profile. Recently, she made an appearance at New York Fashion Week to support her husband’s new Yeezy Season 5 collection.

Check out the crime scene photos here.

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