Julia does it again!

This season of American Idol has been of particular interest from all of us who live here in the State of Maine because for once, we have a contestant who could go all the way and win the whole thing.

With all of America watching and waiting with bated breath, the votes were counted, and Maine's own Julia Gagnon cruised into the Top 14 of the competition.

Busting out an impressive cover of the Jelly Roll tune "Need A Favor", Julia survives to sing another week, with a pretty solid shot to be there at the end.

As you can see from the comments on her performance, she has fans all over the country, including a ton of support from Maine


She keeps getting better & better!!!


All of us from Maine are so proud of you!


Get it, girl! Much from Maine!!


Nice to hear a simple song from Julia. Her voice sounded great, showcasing her tone and command of rhythm. Loved when she went into her upper register, the swoops, the grit, great connection to the lyric. One of her best performances.

Julia has a very interesting backstory, she is from Cumberland, attends the University of Southern Maine, and recently found her birth mother in Guatemala, and she's trying to accomplish something big, to make her proud.

Keep following Julia on her journey, when American Idol airs Sunday & Monday nights at 8 pm, on ABC 7. It is also available to stream the next day on Hulu.

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