Maine Drug Enforcement Agents have arrested three people following the discovery of a meth lab on Vinalhaven Island. 


According to MDEA Commander Scott Pelletier, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint late Wednesday morning of a possible meth lab on the island.  Deputies secured a small tool shed in a back yard after recognizing several items consistent with the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

The MDEA Laboratory Enforcement Team was called in and seized evidence  which included a gas generator, chemicals and hosing.

Charged with trafficking methamphetamine are 25-year-old Ryan Rairdon of Houlton, 20-year-old Hilary Walker of Vinalhaven and 23-year-old Owen Adair of Vinalhaven.

The Maine Marine Patrol transported the three suspects to the mainland, and  Rockland Police took them to the Knox County Jail.  Police expect to make additional arrests.

The address and name of the property owner on Vinalhaven is not being released because they were unaware of the meth operation.

Also assisting were the Vinalhaven Fire Department, and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

This is the first meth lab of the new year. MDEA responded to 28 meth labs during 2014, in addition to seven other sites were remnants of meth lab materials were dumped.