Grimes officially confirmed that she is in fact pregnant.

The singer confirmed that she is indeed pregnant, presumably with boyfriend Elon Musk's child, after fans speculated that she was expecting after sharing an artsy maternity photoshoot earlier this month.

"Fake or real? Haha. Wow I’m starting to feel bad," she wrote.  She then asked her followers how they cope with juggling work and having a baby. "I’m sorry I haven’t been promoting my album properly or on social media more," she continued.

"This whole thing has been a bit of an ordeal," she confessed. "Had some complications early on, a decent second trimester but starting to hurt everywhere at 25 wksz [sic]."

"I feel like I was woefully ill-prepared cuz [sic] I dunno [sic] if pregnancy is as visible or discussed as it should be," she admitted. "I just didn’t rly [sic] understand what I was getting into. It’s been good too, but it makes working a lot harder. Good at writing and having lots of wild ideas tho, but anything physical is hard."

She shared that being pregnant has caused her to be more "emo" and less brave when it comes to online harassment and haters. "But my album's out in a sec so I prob [sic] need to get back on here," she said. "Don’t mind my emo energy, but curious what other ppls [sic] experience was like I didn’t even Google it, I was just like sure y [sic] not hahaha smh [sic]."

See the post, below.

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