Who did the grey fox attack and where?

A grey fox was shot after attacking at least three people in Topsham, Maine Saturday.

The Portland Press Herald said local police were called multiple times about a report of an aggressive fox attacking people in the area.

A 57-year-old woman went to the hospital for an evaluation after one of the attacks. The man who shot the fox was chased into his house by the animal, said the Press Herald. Two people were attacked walking their dog.

Did it have rabies?

Officials said they are testing the grey fox for rabies at the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Rabies can affect an animal's behavior. A human can be infected if a bite breaks the skin. Rabies is transmitted through saliva and is related to the nervous system. It can cause some animals to be aggressive.

Police advised local animal owners to be careful with their pets. they said to be alert and attentive when out for walks. Authorities also said it is dangerous to try to shoot a rabid fox in residential settings.

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More fox attacks in central Maine

There have been recent fox attacks in the area of Topsham, Brunswick and Bath.

A woman was attacked by a fox at the end of March in Brunswick. She said she was outside smoking a cigarette on her deck when the animal came at her. She was bitten on the leg. She hit the fox with a baseball she kept around just in case. The fox was knocked unconscious. Neighbors who heard her yelling, came to help her. They ended up killing the fox.

In August, 2020, two foxes went after a 79-year-old man nearby in Woolwich, Maine. He was knocked down while trimming his yard. He was able to strike the fox with his cane. The fox fled after being struck. The man was bitten on his arms and legs.

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